Boscombe BIG POEM

Hi everyone!  Below, I’ve written a couple of verses to start off a BIG POEM about Boscombe – the area, the people, the community. Please feel free to add verses, lines, words, thoughts, ideas, comments about what Boscombe and its community means to you. Just scroll down to add your contribution in the box.

Anyone who would prefer to send an audio or visual contribution can do so by emailing a Soundcloud or YouTube link to, or posting it straight and these also will then be embedded into the final poem.

Let’s see what we can come up with for a real community poem!

Boscombe Big Poem

To build another’s dream the workers came
And birthed a town – for how could Bournemouth be
Without Boscombe, the sand without the sea?
Boscombe the seedbed of imagination

Now as then – paintings, music, plays and poetry
Still fitting home to Shelley’s legacy,
The innovation and the rhythm and the rhyme,
And beauty forged from passion. Let a region

Lend its ear to what you have to say:
Tell all here what Boscombe means to you today. . .


  1. A vision of arts as the passion of the past remains,
    treading the same path, a destination into history,
    of glamour and wonder and a glimpse of yesteryears,
    as you follow the steps where nothing has changed,
    do you still see through as you rest for a little while,
    and take in a regeneration locked in a time capsule,
    where poets and artists of past and present unite?

  2. Chrissie Morris Brady

    October 22, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    A place of culture, food and ale
    Talent is alive and well here
    Music for any age or taste
    And Chaplins’ at the centre

  3. Sallow fingers, clinging to base paper cups,
    Beggars and choosers- horse haired brushes- and needle heads, spew graffiti in the neon brail of trembling.

  4. Down Sea Road we hurtle
    into a blue panorama.
    Roundabout we circle
    avoiding collision drama.
    Bikes and shoes discarded
    plunge joyfully into the sand.
    Wooden pier planks tread,
    look back at Boscombe Seasideland.

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