Southbourne BIG POEM

Hi everyone!  Below, I’ve written a couple of verses to start off a BIG POEM about Southbourne – the area, the people, the community. Please feel free to add verses, lines, words, thoughts, ideas, comments about what Southbourne and its community means to you. Just scroll down to add your contribution in the box.

Anyone who would prefer to send an audio or visual contribution can do so by emailing a Soundcloud or YouTube link to, or posting it straight and these also will then be embedded into the final poem.

Let’s see what we can come up with for a real community poem!

Southbourne Grove


Image © Copyright Chris Downer

Southbourne Big Poem

Suburb born of ‘Stourfield’ in the sunny south,
Haven for the wounded, weary of war,
With history at the Head, its blue-flagged beaches
Unequalled in the borough for their beauty,
And blue-plaqued buildings speaking to us still
Of aerodromes and storms and rival piers.

Today leave the bustle of Bournemouth town,
Escape chain store and supermarket brands
To shop amongst the Grove’s unique boutiques
Undiminished in both quality and range.
It’s time to speak again of Southbourne. Meet me
In Seafield Gardens. Tell of what you’ve seen and see. . .



  1. the red tower that reaches for the sky, the sun touching the glistening sea and sparkling sand,

  2. The bandstand underneath the pines in the Fishermans walk
    where squirrels scamp and walkers stop to pass the time of day.

  3. The southern tip of Bournemouth,
    On the edge of the UK,
    The last visual memory
    As the waves drift away,
    Reaching high to snatch a glance
    Then crash down onwards… France!

  4. Angela (via Facebook)

    October 22, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    Southbourne, a pond for the kids in Fisherman’s walk….the grandest of avenues and cafes to stop, meet and talk….

  5. Down Southbourne Grove
    we love to rove;
    some windows empty,
    but new shops aplenty.

    • patsy littleford

      October 28, 2014 at 9:42 am


      Friendly shopkeepers
      Kindly road sweepers
      A place to enjoy do not be coy
      Knit and natter while having a platter
      Not plain but a silver pearl.

  6. Where Fishermen walk and people talk
    There are butchers one, two three.
    If you should look closer you’ll find a greengrocer
    Now that’s quite an anomaly!

    I’ve talked to the squirrels, never been to the Whirrals
    And there’s nowhere I’d rather be
    Than to sit on the sand with a sandwich in hand
    In a beach hut in Southbourne on Sea!

  7. tricia fairclough

    October 24, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    Southbourne on Sea, so much history.
    From heathland to today’s coffee shops.
    Winter Gardens at Cross Roads – an eighteen hundred’s attraction
    To woodlands and cliff tops
    These are just a fraction
    Of the delight that is Southbourne on Sea.

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